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WhatsGoLa, a scrapbook app, lets you superimpose and stitches stickers to blend travel photos.

Breaking News: WhatsGoLa v2.4.1 goes live!!

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Full Version: Download ($2.99)

Free Version: Download ($0.00)

Full Version: Download ($2.99)

Free Version: Download ($0.00)

Do you dream of travelling the world? Do you picture yourself on the beaches of Mauritius, or on a hilltop overlooking Machu Picchu, or maybe sat around a camp fire in the mystical shadow of Ayers Rock?

You watch on TV as a triumphant athlete stands on the podium, or stood on the red carpet at the Oscars, thinking "I wish I was there..."

With WhatsGoLa, you can have hours of fun easily creating your dream photos! It also lets you create these photos:

  • Bringing a distant or dead relative to your family event.
  • Bringing your favorite pet back into your life.
  • Showing several versions of your children as they grow up to one picture.
  • Having baby, parents, grandparents and great grandparents together on a photograph.
  • Letting your friends see you doing "Extreme" sports.
  • Playing Superman or Spiderman.
  • Making "Gulliver's Travels" posters.
  • Making personalized E-cards and greetings.
  • Moving a bride and groom (and wedding) to a better background.
  • Replace someone's face with yours

Full Version: Download ($2.99)

Free Version: Download ($0.00)

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Our App has been awarded Editor's Pick by Best10 iPhone Apps - The most wonderful photo app that nearly everyone can enjoy.
Review Article: click here
(Learn more about Best10APPS)

WhatsGoLa Review - The most wonderful photo app that nearly everyone can enjoy.

WhatsGoLa Camera:

WhatsGoLa Camera is a power tool which lets you collect photos from everywhere in the world:

  • The Map and the Flight tools let you quickly visit everywhere in the world.
  • "Cool Places" and "Street View Collection" database containing more than 2000 points of interests let you quickly fly to the most famous landmarks. (Powered by Google Maps)
  • "Virtual Street View Camera" and "Panoramio" lets you capture gorgeous scenery photos with easy steps.
  • Gyroscope-integrated Street View camera simulates the effect of standing on a street, as you look around (work best with iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and the New iPad).


The superimposition feature is a powerful merging tool designed to let you stitch a background image and a number of overlay images to make a lifelike composite photo like a scrapbook. This is also called "photomontage". Key features are:

  • Paste more than one overlay image on a background image.
  • Manipulate the exposure, contrast, saturation, or temperature for the overlay to balance the background.
  • Overlay images can be rotated, zoomed, flipped, or overlap each other.
  • Crop the superimposed image freely or with varies of preset aspect ratios.
  • Blend the photo with 17 creative filters.
  • Up to 1600 x 1600 pixels for the final composite photograph.
  • Save the GPS location to the final picture if the source image contains such info.

Overlay Management:

The overlay editor provides some handy tools to mask the photos even if you don't have the professional chroma key equipments. This helps you to organize the scrapbook stickers. You can draw the alpha channel on the photo to keep the subject and remove the background. Key features are:

  • Create overlay stickers and reuse them later.
  • Adjustable brush/eraser size and hardness.
  • Share overlay images with Facebook friends or via E-mail.


The Gallery section works similar to the iPhone Photos App which lets you manage composite photos.

  • Show the information of the photomontage: GPS location, approximate address and date of creation. It also shows the authors and titles of the Panoramio scenic photos.
  • Share the superimposed images by E-mail, or upload to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
  • Save the superimposed image to the Photo Library with the GPS location preserved. If you use the Photos App in the Map Mode, you can see the red pins on the map indicating the geographical locations.
  • Export the superimposed images to other Apps.


Miscellaneous Features:

  • Tutorials provided.
  • Instant Push Notifications when receiving overlay images from friends.
  • Background images can be saved to Photo Library for later reuse.

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